Carribbean Soull Food

Chef Rell spends much of his time on the road, as celebrities request him to cater their special events. Whether its backstage at a show, or a private function, Caribbean Soull Food is poppin' and Chef Rell  is the talk of the food world.

With appearances on FOX and ABC morning news, Chef Rell shows no signs of slowing down, an is excited to expand his brand and popular food empire.

Terrell Emerson was born in Queens, NY to an amazing woman from the beautiful island of Jamaica. As a kid, she would always teach him how to cook good Caribbean food, and expressed that eating at home was always healthier. Getting older, Chef Rell had developed an interest in cooking and started experimenting in the kitchen. Years later, with many family recipes and unique experimental skills, he is now sharing his food with the world.

In the past two years, Chef Rell’s name and reputation for his amazing food has been ringing bells in the sports arena, entertainment industry, and Hollywood A-like. Check out the CELEBS/PRESS page to keep up with Chef Rell as his name continues to grow!